Program Review Overview

All educator preparation providers (EPPs) seeking CAEP Accreditation must undergo the program review process. Program review of the first step in the overall accreditation process, occurring prior to the self-study and site visit. As its name suggests, program review is a deep examination of the content that is taught to teacher candidates. The results of the program review process can be used directly as evidence to meet CAEP Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

EPPs can choose one of three program review options. States with CAEP partnership agreements define the program review options available to EPPs located within the state. States may choose from the following three options:

  • SPA Program Review with National Recognition | Individual programs at the EPP – such as mathematics, educational technology, early-childhood education, and more – will meet content-specific standards developed by national Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs).
  • CAEP Program Review with Feedback | EPPs will work with CAEP to build a case and provide licensure program level evidence of candidates’ content and pedagogical knowledge that are key in the field of licensure, certification, or endorsement.
  • State Program Review | EPPs will work with their state authority (typically a standards board, board of regents, or State Department of Education) to build programs that align with the state’s education priorities.

Program Review Options at Each State

This chart details the format, program standards, timing, review, and results for each program review option.

CAEP Program Review Options

SPA Program Review Policies and Procedures

CAEP Program Review with Feedback

State Program Review


Program report forms completed for each content area and level describing evidence of candidates’ performance on a set of key assessments that demonstrates meeting standards.

Advance reporting of CAEP Standard 1 using CAEP Program Review with Feedback template (starting EPPs with site visits in fall 2019).

State-defined process


Specialized Professional Association (SPA) Standards

InTASC (Initial Licensure Programs)

State-selected standards

Timing of Submission

Mid-cycle of the overall accreditation cycle (3 years in advance of the accreditation visit for most states).

  • Site visits in fall 2018 and spring 2019—Addendum to the self-study report.
  • Site visits in fall 2019 to spring 2021—1 year before the site visit using the CAEP Program Review with Feedback template.
  • Site visits in fall 2021 and after—2 years before the site visit using the CAEP Program Review with Feedback template.

State-defined timing

Review Team

Review teams are trained and selected by both the SPAs & CAEP.

Panel of content area experts reviews evidence and provides feedback on whether EPP has provided evidence documenting that preparation programs enrolling a majority of the EPP’s candidates demonstrate that the InTASC principles and the key concepts of CAEP Standard 1/A.1 have been achieved.

Review teams are selected by the EPP’s state.


Recognition Report with a decision of “Nationally Recognized”, “Recognized with Conditions”, or “Further Development Required/Recognized with Probation/Not Nationally Recognized”.

Feedback is provided to EPPs and the state on specialty licensure areas aligned to CAEP and state standards based on disaggregated data presented in the self-study.

State decision regarding program approval. The process and results vary by state, so make sure to ask your state contact about the process.

Additional Information

This is the only program review option that can lead to national recognition by CAEP/SPAs.