Internal Vacancies

External Vacancies

Dean of the School of Education, University of North Texas at Dallas, TX (6/15/2021)

Associate Professor and Director of Educator Preparation and Accreditation, University of Southern Maine, ME (6/7/2021)

Assessment Coordinator Position Announcement, University of Missouri, KS (5/27/2021)

Early Childhood Education Program Chair and Assistant Professor of Education, Trinity Washington University, DC (5/27/2021)

Dean School of Education, College of Charleston, SC (5/21/21)

Clinical Assistant/Associate/Professor, Director of Accreditation and Assessment, College of Education, University of Alabama (5/19/2021)

Dean of Sanford College of Education, San Diego, CA (4/8/2021)

Accreditation Manager, Anderson University, IN (4/1/2021)

Position Announcement Department of Education, Concord University, WV, (4/1/2021)

Chair and Associate Professor / Professor Department of Teacher Preparation and Educational Studies, Northern Kentucky University, KY (4/1/2021)

Department Chair, Educational Leadership and Advanced Studies, Northern Kentucky University, KY (4/1/2021)

Associate Dean, University of Alabama, AL (3/25/2021)

Stakeholders with vacancies relevant to CAEP and the education community may obtain a listing on the CAEP website. For complete information, review the Guidelines for Posting Job Vacancies.