Accreditation Costs

CAEP is committed to conducting an accreditation process that supports educator preparation providers (EPPs) and is efficient, cost-effective and cost-accountable.

A vital component of CAEP operations relies on donated services, valued at more than $4 million annually, from volunteers serving as accreditation reviewers, program reviewers, and in governance. CAEP also receives financial support from a broad coalition of educational organizations and states committed to excellence in educator preparation. Without such support from the field, accreditation costs would be uneconomical.

There are two main costs for EPPs associated with the peer-review accreditation process:  Annual EPP Fees and Accreditation Review Fees/Expenses.

Annual Educator Preparation Provider Fees
Annual Fees (based on the number of completers) are invoiced late spring/early summer and apply to all educator preparation providers (candidacy or accredited). These fees cover the costs of maintaining accreditation status and support administrative operations. 

  • Annual EPP Fees

Accreditation Review Fees and Expenses
The CAEP Accreditation review by a panel of expert reviewers – review teams – assures the quality of the program. Accreditation Review Fees cover CAEP administrative support for the review, while Review Expenses cover in-transit/travel costs of the review team. Both CAEP and the EPPs are grateful for the donation of time from these committed professionals. Elaborate accommodations, formal dinners, events, functions and gifts are against CAEP policy.

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