Board of Directors

There are several committees which support the mission and vision of CAEP and inform the Board of Directors. Board Committees are permanent and comprised of members of the Board of Directors only. Standing committees are permanent committees of the Board and comprised of members of the Board of Directors and experts in the field. Advisory committees have charges which are approved by the Board annually and whose membership are determined based on the committee charge.

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2023 CAEP Annual Report
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Board Committees

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Board Officers and the Chair of the Accreditation Council. The Executive Committee shall oversee CAEP’s financial operations, set the compensation of the President, evaluate the performance of the President, and  make decisions on behalf of the Board when such authority is delegated by the Board or on emergency matters where action is temporary.

Bylaws and Policy Committee
The Bylaws and Policy Committee shall carry out such duties as may be assigned to it in an annual charge approved by the Board which shall include an annual review of the CAEP Bylaws and CAEP Policy.

Nominating Committee
The Committee shall solicit recommendations and present to the Board one or more slates of candidates for election, re-election, or appointment to Board Director or Officer positions, including the Accreditation Chair position. The Nominating Committee shall also provide consultation to the President on the appointment of Board, Standing, and Advisory Committee members. In making its nominations for Officers, the Nominating Committee shall ensure that the leadership of CAEP reflects the necessary partnership between educator preparation and P-12 education and CAEP’s commitment to diversity.

Audit Committee
The Committee shall oversee the external audit process, which shall include the selection, oversight, and retention of an independent auditor. The Committee shall also oversee the financial reporting process and advise the Board on risk assessment and risk management.

Standing Committees

Equity and Diversity Committee
The Committee will serve as independent experts advising CAEP on issues of diversity and equity in accreditation.

Research Committee
The Research Committee will serve as independent experts whose function is to advise CAEP on specific matters pertaining to the organization’s research, data, and reporting efforts.

SPA Standards Committee
The Committee will be responsible for reviewing new or revised standards, policies, and procedures developed by specialized professional associations (SPAs) for reviewing programs which provide licensure in professional specialty area studies. The Committee’s actions on SPA standards shall constitute actions of the Board.