The CAEP Handbook: Guidance on Self-Study Reports for Accreditation at the Advanced Level is part of a comprehensive system of guidance and capacity-building support to assist EPPs in making their case for meeting CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Programs. Supplementary information, including the CAEP Accreditation Policy, and other resources further explicate CAEP policies, procedures, and processes.

Through CAEP Conferences, presentations, and online communications, CAEP gathers and incorporates feedback from the field into the guidance documents. Additional resources are available to providers on the CAEP website, through weekly email updates, and through communications to EPPs.

This Handbook is organized to support the work involved in pursuing CAEP Accreditation for Advanced-Level Programs. It includes, for each standard, a section on underlying concepts and considerations to summarize the focus of each standard; reflection questions that prompt EPPs to investigate their own focus; and evidence sufficiency criteria tables.

This Handbook will guide self-study reports beginning spring 2018.

Available for Download: