The CAEP Accreditation Handbook is the source of the procedures for nearly all aspects of CAEP accreditation. It is a valuable resource for EPP faculty and administrators, state agency partners, visiting team members, national organizations, and others. The Accreditation Handbook builds on the information in the Accreditation Manual. There are substantive changes in first 90 pages of the Accreditation Handbook, which holds essential information on the accreditation process.

The Accreditation Handbook is better organized to support the tactical work involved with CAEP Accreditation. This includes evidence tables, general rules, and rubrics for components—all nested within each standard section.  The inclusion of rubrics, that will be used by reviewers beginning in 2018, is new to this edition of the handbook.  Each rubric defines specific criteria  at the minimal level of sufficiency for each component. The rubrics will provide further guidance to both EPPs and reviewers. Another added feature to the handbook is the ability to navigate electronically using the table of contents.  Simply click on the item in the Table of Contents and that section will open.

What’s the same?
• Appendices A, B, & C: Guidelines for each of the three accreditation pathways: Inquiry Brief, Selected Improvement, and Transformation Initiative. These guidelines are the same as before, but are now separated into standalone appendices.
• Appendix D: Phase-in Chart.
• Appendix F: Annual Reporting Measures.
• Appendix I: Glossary.

What’s new?
• Appendix E: Guidelines for Submitting a Plan.
• Appendix G: Assessment Evaluation Rubric. 
• Appendix H: Guidelines for how to address Areas for Improvement and Stipulations.

Download the CAEP Accreditation Handbook.